Q:  Can I get help with location?

A: Yes. Unless you already have a place set aside for our shoot, I always scout locations and forward a list of recommendations based on your taste and budget. It’s also be helpful prior to booking if you present a mood board or set of images that portray your vision. That way I can really target the most appropriate locations.


Q: What is the best time of the day to shoot?

A: This depends on when you’ll be able to get settled into the location, and if you specifically want natural light vs. flash. My normal flow of a shoot starts with check in time of a hotel (around 3pm) starting with natural light. I come equipped with one or two lights, so I blend artificial with natural light, then segue into full artificial light. I have some tricks to simulate natural light, or splash you with a studio look if you’re open to that. For examples where I used flash, browse my instagram for images with #thelightshow


Q: I don’t know what to wear. Can you recommend wardrobe?

A: Sure! While the client is ultimately responsible for wardrobe, I DO have opinions and can forward mood-boards via pinterest, as well as links to resources to get the creative juices flowing. Wardrobe make for the best “props”. My personal taste is to limit the lingerie to one or two favorites . . . and the rest to interchangeable pieces that can be improvised to fit the various settings we may shoot in. On average, I can knock out one wardrobe change per 30mins, so based on which session you’re booked for, bring more than what’s needed. For example, on a 3hr shoot, bring around 8 wardrobe changes. This allows for creativity and improvisation in the case certain outfits aren’t working out as well. And lastly, try to bring only outfits you like on you.